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The participants of the MoRPHEUS project have been involved in several outreach and dissemination activities, as foreseen in the original proposal. Here are some of them:

Conference participation

IV Latin American Workshop on Computational Neuroscience (LAWCN'23) in Colombia

November 2023
Oral presentation of paper: In silico application of the epsilon-greedy algorithm for frequency optimization of electrical neurostimulation for hypersynchronous disorders

Society for Neuroscience Meeting 2023

November 2023.
Virtual poster: Alterations of the sleep-wake cycle architecture on an animal model of stroke.

20th National Congress of the Italian Society for Neuroscience (SINS 2023)

September 2023
Talk: The role of induced current dynamics in neuromodulation against refractory epilepsy. 2023.
Symposium: Individual Neurodynamics to Personalize Neuromodulations [INPerN]

Eighth National Congress of Bioengineering (GNB 2023)

June 2023
Poster: Profiling of phase - amplitude couplings across sleep for personalized neuroengineering systems. 2023.


Applications, technology, and mechanisms of spatio-temporally complex closed-loop neurostimulation for the treatment of neurological disorders

December 2023


INRIA Centre de Recherche Bordeaux

Spatio-temporally complex experimental neuromodulation to treat neurological disorders: Non-periodic stimulation and the MoRPHEUS prosthesis.

October 2023


Bioelectronics Department, IMS, Universitè de Bordeaux

Flag of Portugal Desafios e complexidades das interfaces cérebro-máquina-cérebro e a estimulação elétrica não-periódica no tratamento das epilepsias

October 2023


1° Meeting NeuroTechBSB and PPGEB-UnB (online).

Motor rehabilitation plasticity hacking by engineered stimulation of the brain during the sleep-wake cycle

October 2023
Seminar in Neuro Training-Seminar-Data Club at Università di Genova

When modern neuroengineering meets the complexities of neurophysical interactions in neurotechnology application. Universal elixir or the perfect storm?

February 2023


Seminars Uninettuno Roma (online)

MoRPHEUS: A Marie Curie Fellowship at Rehab Technologies Lab – INAIL IIT.

July 2022
Lab Meeting at Rehab Technologies

Temporally-coded electrical stimulation as a neuroprosthesis to treat refractory epilepsy

May 2022
Seminar in the Neuroengineering course of Università degli Studi di Genova.

Other activities

Our senior researchers are enrolled in the Bioengineering Program of the Università degli Studi di Genova, as investigators, advisors, and subject-matter experts in Neural and Brain-Computer Interfaces for the dissemination of knowledge and findings from the MoRPHEUS project to the new generations of students.

If you want to know more about the project, invite the team for a conference or dissemination activity, or even get involved in the research we do, get in touch using the form on the Contact page.